Fragile Nature: From Control to Freedom

GroundWork Gallery

Saturday 29 June 2019 - Sunday 15 September 2019

• Free Entry

Four artists form the core of this exhibition.

Paca Sanchez is a modernist with plants, making exquisitely controlled art from formal arrangements of leaves, seeds, flowers, stems, twigs. Of French-Spanish origin, nature’s riches from her southern French studio form the nucleus of this show.

Alongside her are Lotte Scott’s free forms from smoke, soil, lime: solid and evaporating elements which find their own way, dripping and billowing.

Upstairs, Elspeth Owen’s thinnest egg-shell-like ceramics in painterly shades of blue-green-violet-grey reflect and create their own subtle and radical environment.

Alongside her, Emma Howell, experiments with sensitive washes of thin colour to create almost abstract images of landscapes and plants, aiming to form a deeper relationship with nature and culture in her recovery from grief following her father’s death.

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