Posted Nov 13 2020

Online Concert Series Announced

We cannot stage our popular coffee concerts in the current circumstances, but we hope you can still enjoy top-class performances which are the hallmark of Lynn Festival with our 6pm Cocktail Concerts. The series of concerts filmed in three of Lynn’s beautiful historic buildings will be streamed online through the winter months via our website, for free, and there is no need to book or register, just press play and enjoy:

6pm Thursday 19 November 2020:
Dominic Degavino “Marvellous Miniatures”

In this short concert, one of Scarlatti’s brilliantly original sonatas is contrasted with the first of Beethoven’s Op.33 Bagatelles and Gershwin’s rarely heard Preludes.

6pm Thursday 10 December 2020:
Alison Crum and Roy Marks “A Spagna in the Works”

Celebrated viol virtuoso, Alison Crum and lutenist, Roy Marks perform a programme based around the famous 15th century bassadanza “La Spagna” which was a popular cantus firmus during the 16th and 17th centuries.

6pm Thursday 7 January 2021:
Kate Semmens and Steven Devine “To The Moon”

Three of Schubert’s evocative songs linking the natural world, young love and moonlit mysteries.

6pm Thursday 28 January 2021:
Dominic Degavino “Preludes and Interludes”

With Bach transcribed by Siloti, Brahms at his most lyrical and Debussy describing a submerged cathedral, this is just the best of romantic piano music.

6pm Thursday 18 February 2021:
Alison Crum and Roy Marks “A Ground in the Air”

Fascinating variations and dances on popular ground basses from sixteenth century Spain and Italy for different viols and the lute.

6pm Thursday 11 March 2021:
Devine Music Piano Trio “Gypsy Rondo”

Steven Devine’s Piano Trio and Haydn in Hungarian mode bring, with much humour, this series of online concerts to a conclusion.

We hope you will enjoy listening and watching and will see us at the King’s Lynn Festival in these venues again soon.

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