Posted Jun 16 2017

A unique evening for film fans

Never afraid to stage something a little different from the norm, on Thursday 20 July King's Lynn Festival will be showing “the first horror film ever made” with live musical accompaniment from renowned soundsacpers Minima.

Minima’s sinister contemporary score is a daring 21st century interpretation of the genre-defining images of the 1920s.  This unusual and spellbinding show has previously run for a week at the Edinburgh Fringe and made an appearance at Glastonbury in 2015.  The venue - the largest surviving medieval guildhall in England boasting many original and rare medieval features - makes this a unique cinematic event for film fans everywhere.

"Silent films like this were meant to be screened with a live musical accompaniment because it adds so much to the experience" - Alex Hogg, Minima's guitarist.

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