2016/17 Year-Round Programme

Lynn News - Snowden-Sir Duo:

"[Joo Yeon Sir and Laura Snowden] gave great pleasure with sensitive and atmospheric performances", "a superb recital".

2016 Festival

Lynn News - Czech National Symphony Orchestra:

"The Czech National Symphony Orchestra played superbly with a boundless energy demonstrating the fun of the Opera that it was written for. Every little nuance in the harmonies was clear and precise as were the shades of texture. The tour de force that is Tchaikovsky’s Violin Concerto in D-major was played by Alexander Sitkovetsky. Originally claimed to be unplayable, as are so many masterpieces that are now firm favourites, Alexander‘s skill and dexterity were tested to the full. This was particularly evident in the extensive cadenza in the first movement where every note was concise no matter what the dynamic or whether double-stopping and using the total extent of the fingerboard. The same quality continued throughout the concerto with excellent accompaniment from the orchestra. Despite the demands of the work the delighted audience were keen for more and were rewarded with an impromptu Sarabande by Bach. This was a complete contrast to the vivacity of the concerto and the delicate touch was enchanting. Dvoƙák’s Symphony in G-major concluded the concert and the orchestra again played magnificently, meeting the challenges set before them."

2015 Festival

Student Reviews:

Capercaillie - Tuesday 21 July:

Capercaillie have been breaking boundaries in Celtic music for the last 30 years with their own unique mix of Gaelic and contemporary folk music. On Tuesday the 21st July, King's Lynn welcomed the group with open arms to the Corn Exchange, this was the group's first-ever performance in the town, and what a hit it was.
Capercaillie promptly took to the glowing stage at 7:30pm, the first song was "My father sent me to the house of sorrow" fronted by Karen Matheson and this certainly set the tone for the rest of the evening; which was a wonderful musical journey, comprising of the beautiful haunting voice of Karen, interspersed with vibrant Celtic with a Folk music twist. Shortly after the first song, it was obvious that Capercaillie had a strong passion for performing and thrive off the audience's reaction. Which I found to be a fresh breath of Scottish air, far too many artists now focus more so on the costumes and their persona rather than the most important thing, the music!
One of the songs that especially stood out was "An Ataireachd Ard" from the album The Blood is Strong. Karen Matheson introduced the song with a brief touching story, the vivid imagery that jumps to the mind as Capercaillie play was truly captivating; making it clear as to why they have had such an influence on those in the Celtic music industry. The keyboard, fiddle, drums and so much more make this music compelling and enjoyable for those of all ages. Having personally grown up on a diet of poppy Britney Spears and Steps music, I was at first bemused, however, after a night with Capercaillie I would encourage teenagers to OPEN their ears and mind to different music genres, rather than the regurgitated X-factor model which is so prevalent today. Music is so much more, can take you to so many different places of emotion, and gives artists the platform to revolutionise as Capercaillie showed me Tuesday night, at the wonderful Corn Exchange; Thank you King's Lynn Festival!

Review by Hollie-Louise High - Undergraduate Event Management Student.

I really enjoyed this concert. It was a wonderful selection of folk music, with a modern twist. The music had energy and the performers really brought the songs to life. In my mind, the songs brought up wonderful imagery of the Scottish countryside. The performance was lively during the upbeat songs but the slower songs really brought out the vocals and despite being in another language, the emotion was felt. They played many traditional working songs and talked about the background behind some of them. The audience were really tapping their toes to the beat of Capercaillie!

Review by Claudia Francis, aged 15.

Alexander Ullman - Wednesday 22 July:

Alexander Ullman was fantastic to watch and listen. It was very interesting and the pieces led into each other so well. Debussy was my favourite. I managed to have a good view of the piano and watching his playing was really amazing. His playing was very charming and the audience loved it.

Review by Claudia Francis, aged 15.

Flanders Symphony Orchestra - Saturday 25 July:

The Flanders Symphony Orchestra really captured my attention. The orchestra had a wide variety of instruments and it was a pleasure to hear each one of them. I particularly liked the two Chopin pieces. As expected, Freddy Kempf was exceptional, delivering a professional and intense performance. The finale was a great way to say goodbye to the end of the festival.

Review by Claudia Francis, aged 15.



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