Dan Cruickshank: The Re-creation of Lost Buildings

Wednesday 22 July 2015

7:30pm • Guildhall (Arts Centre) • £15

Dan Cruickshank, the respected television presenter, author, and honorary member of the Royal Institute of British Architects, examines what is irresistible about fine, old buildings and explores lost architectural wonders that define a people or place that have been lost and re-created: Warsaw old town; parts of Dresden; the palaces of St. Petersburg; the schloss in Berlin; In the UK the Euston arch – completed in 1837 - the first great monument of the railway age and one of the finest pieces of Greek Revival architecture ever built, which was demolished in 1961.  After years of search most of the stones of the Arch have been recovered from a river bed in East London, and the government has recently decreed that the Arch should be rebuilt . 

Sponsored by Eastern Daily Press and King’s Lynn Civic Society

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