If you ever wondered what it would be like to volunteer at one of our events, one of our stewards has very kindly given us a handy guide from their perspective, of a Stewards duties whilst at the Guildhall.

We hope you find it useful…

DRESS - Unless otherwise stated. Ladies white blouses and black skirts or trousers. Gents DJ's.  

ARRIVAL - On arrival report to the front of house manager who will tell you which job you have been allocated to and if you have been allocated a seat it will be near a fire exit. In the case of evacuation you will open the fire and make see that people leave in an orderly way..   

Remember to take a torch into the auditorium with you, and check the running time.

TICKETS - Please stand at the top of the stairs with the permanent member of staff.   Greet the audience member take the tickets that are handed to you, check that they are for that day and the right venue.    See the row letter and direct them to the side that is nearest to their seats.     

SEATS - Greet the person as they come to you, check  the row number, then show them to their seat.  If someone arrives late using your torch take them to their seat at an appropriate moment in the performance. If someone leaves their seat during the performance use your torch to show them along the aisle to the stairs.

ICE CREAMS - At the interval stand beside the person with the ice cream tray, shine your torch on the money that is being handed to them for the ice cream and then shine it on the tray so that the money for change can be clearly seen. When the ice creams have been sold get a waste bin and walk alone the aisle and offer the bin so that papers can be put in rather than on the floor. Empty the bin if full, if not put the bin at the back ready to pick up anything left on the floor when the audience have left then take the bin down to the office for emptying.

END OF THE SHOW - As the audience leave  stand at the back,  smile, say good night and answer any comments. Check that the exit doors are shut and the curtains are open.

It's nice to have a catch up with the other stewards but remember you asked to steward at the performance, so do your catching up before or after the performance and enjoy.

Kindly submitted by a steward from the 2014 Festival.

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