Posted Jun 28 2022

Book Giveaway: Latitude

Win a signed copy of Nick Crane's Lattitude: The Astonishing Adventure that Saved the World

In advance of his geographical talk later this month at the Festival, we’re excited to be giving away FIVE signed copies of travel writer Nick Crane’s book, Latitude! To enter, simply post a selfie on Instagram standing in your favourite Norfolk location and tell us why you love the area using the hashtag #KLFLatitude. The competition ends on 4th July and is open to UK residents only, aged 18 plus.

Nick Crane's Latitude is an epic story of survival and science set in mountain camps and remote observatories. It is also a story of exploration in which an unruly gaggle of misfits made breakthroughs in rubber and platinum, gravity and fogbows, quinine and Inca archaeology. A breathtaking tale of courage in adversity, it is celebrated today as the first modern exploring expedition.

Nick will be talking about his book and life in A Royal Geographical Society with IBG lecture as part of this year's Festival on Tuesday 26 July at St George's Guildhall.  Book tickets here.

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