Posted Aug 08 2023

A poem for the Festival

On the final day of the 2023 King's Lynn Festival we were pleased to welcome Toast Poetry to King's Lynn. Poets Lewis Buxton and Daisy Henwood popped up in the Vancouver Quarter in the town centre, where audiences could request a brand-new poem about whatever they liked. We were thrilled that Lewis also wrote a very special poem for the Festival too, which you can read below.





The Good Bits 

Let me tell you about the good bits
how a festival is like a cellist
each volunteer is a fingertip on a string
a small impact, it’s the little things.
The things we don’t say enough
the comrades carrying trestle tables,
the spreadsheets, budgets, the love.
Let me tell you about the good bits
the free pianos, the King’s Lynn kids,
how this town is a choir of voices,
never ever, just one note,
full of footballers, artists, cellists.
Let me tell you, that King’s Lynn
deserves this: the poems, paintings,
the music, it’s for a town of people
who thrive on their differences
deep in West Norfolk,
the most beautiful county
these are the good bits, trust me. 

By Lewis Buxton  


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