FRINGE - Festival Walk: King's Lynn at War and Peace

Thursday 20 July 2017

2pm • £5 (adults) £4 (concessions) £1 (children)

Celebrate more than 1000 years of the town’s rich history with a special Festival walk.

Tickets and further information available from the Tourist Information Centre, Custom House or 01553 763044.

The 1790s to the 1820s saw many exciting changes to King’s Lynn. However, it was also a time of fear: for much of the period Britain was at war with Napoleon and, as a port, Lynn was profoundly affected. It is no wonder that, when peace was in sight, they celebrated with the biggest public feast ever seen in King’s Lynn. Meet Doreen Leventhall at the entrance to King’s Lynn Public Library.

Note: If walks are oversubscribed preference will be given to advance ticket holders.

Event organised by King's Lynn Town Guides.

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