PLACE: Modern and Contemporary Works from the Norwich Castle

Friday 12 October 2018 - Saturday 03 November 2018

11am - 4pm daily • Admission Free

As part of King's Lynn Festival Extra

Taking inspiration from the Festival theme of ‘Spaces and Faces’, this exhibition explores how artists working in the twentieth and twenty-first centuries engage with the concept of place. For many artists, man-made structures – with their complex architectural detail and historical resonance – point to the relationship between people and the landscape. Buildings stand within the natural landscape, but they are also an integral part of it: the landscape is unrecognisable without these human ‘markers.’ Elsewhere, these structures point to more complex relationships between people and place; an emotional response to multifaceted ‘spaces’. This exhibition is an opportunity to reflect on these ‘spaces’, drawing on Norwich Castle’s rich collection of modern and contemporary art, including work by artists such as Walter Sickert, John Piper and Frances Kearney.

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